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Urban Reign (アーバンレイン) is a multiplayer beat 'em up game developed by Namco. Urban Reign follows the exploits "brawler-for-hire" Brad Hawk, who is hired to find a kidnapped gang member by the swordswoman Shun Ying Lee. Brad fights his way through the street gangs of Green Harbor, a fortified city in the U.S. As he does so to get some answers, the true machinations of the protagonists reveal themselves and things become more complicated.

Urban Reign features both single player and multiplayer action with both multiple AI opponents and human controlled characters on the same screen fighting at the same time. The characters can move in the environment, pick up weapons, throw objects, give instructions to AI partners, and pull off moves on multiple opponents. There are low and high grapples, air grapples, counters and recounters each with its own animations for each character. Although characters have optimal combo strings, most combos start with three presses of the attack button, the third of which will juggle an opponent. Then the player has the choice of an air grapple, special move, simply continuing the combo or running away to pick up a weapon or reposition. Neutralizing attacks by opponents is done with a single button press that must be timed to the moment of the attack. Also, if the player presses up or down on the keypad while pressing dodge at the correct time, his character will reverse an attack, if possible. Even when cornered by multiple enemies, it is possible to dodge all oncoming normal attacks.


System Requirements:
CPU: Intel Core i3 Running @ 2.93 GHz
Memory: 2GB of RAM
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 9400GT
Controller: Microsoft XBOX360 Controller for Windows
Mediafire Download Links [PAL]:
Mediafire Password: www.downloadrider.com
RAR Password: www.downloadrider.com

PCSX2 Emulator For Urban Region:
Mediafire Password: www.downloadrider.com
RAR Password: www.downloadrider.com

Mediafire Password: www.downloadrider.com
RAR Password: www.downloadrider.com
**Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"**

Config Manuals and Settings For PAL Release:
Mediafire Password: www.downloadrider.com
RAR Password: www.downloadrider.com


Step 1: Download Game, Emulator and BIOS from above links.
Step 2: Install "Pcsx2.exe"                                                   
Step 3: Put Bios Folder in "C:\Users\NAME\Documents\pcsx2"
Step 4: Configure emulator. (Download "Config Manuals and Settings"). 
Step 5: Select Game ISO (CDVD --> Iso Selector --> Browse...).
Step 6: Navigate to "System --> Boot CDVD (fast)"                       
Step 7: Press F4 if you are getting more than 50 Frames per second.         
Step 8: Press ALT+ENTER to switch to Full Screen.                  
Step 9: Play & Enjoy.   

Run "pcsx2-r3878.exe" as administrator to configure and save the emulator's settings. (for vista and windows 7 user's only)


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    BC where is the fucking download link shitty site

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